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[0] About TEXTs GembotOPT says: Welcome to my fashion-tech blog about the creation of a cultural happening that's known to me, most affectionally, as TheSuzy Show. 😎

The next chapter in this story is, "Hello, FaTe."

Where FaTe is short for "FashionText," in which the TEXT in FashionTEXT is, among other things, a reference to the idea of a TEXTile, as in a piece of whole cloth that might have been made at a textile mill in North Carolina, which is where I was born and where some companies still make certain kinds of soft cloth that the fashion industry goes on to fashion into clothes that people wear.

FashionText is also a piece of software, which is a term that sounds to me like, "Software: a piece of soft cloth (aka. a textile) that you can wear," in addition to being a ware (aka. an article offered for sale) that is soft and virtual instead of hard and physical, and that association between software and textiles is surely a substantial reason why the term "software" gained currency within the same global technology industry in which software engineers, such as the fictional character named Suzy, fashion pieces of text into working code that leads computers to do stuff that's fashionable!

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